Wetterling Gallery

Established in 1978, Wetterling Gallery is today one of the leading galleries for contemporary art in Scandinavia. The gallery's ambition has developed towards providing a platform for international artists – well established as well as new coming - with an increasing emphasis on Swedish artists and with focus on painting, sculpture and photography. Aiming at a lively art dialogue and searching for new forms of expression, Wetterling Gallery presents around seven exhibitions each year by emerging and established contemporary artists in Stockholm. An exclusive catalogue is made in relation to every show. The gallery also participates in around four international art fairs annually.

Wetterling Gallery Stockholm

Wetterling Gallery Stockholm

Wetterling Gallery
Kungsträdgården 3
SE-111 47 Stockholm
Ph: +46 8 10 10 09

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Friday 11.00-17.30
Saturday 13.00-16.00

Appointments outside of business hours can be arranged.

Please note that our exhibition programme is researched and developed in advance and we are unable to accept unsolicited approaches for meetings, exhibitions or projects.

Wetterling Gallery Stockholm

Wetterling Gallery Showroom in Gothenburg

Wetterling Gallery
Arkivgatan 4
SE-411 34 Göteborg
Ph: +46 31 20 35 25

Open by appointment