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Group Exhibition

January 16 – 31, 2020

Installation Shot, WG.Editions, 2019 

Installation Shot, WG.Editions, 2019 

Installation Shot, WG.Editions, 2020

Installation Shot, WG.Editions, 2020

Installation Shot, WG.Editions, 2020

Installation Shot, WG.Editions, 2020


Opening Reception Thursday January 16, 6 – 8 PM. 


Wetterling Gallery proudly presents the group exhibition WG.Editions; a versatile art exhibition where the participants range from contemporary Scandinavian artists to American Pop Art icons, and the artworks consists of everything from prints and collages to sculptures. The exhibition will coincide with the launch of our webshop, enabling you to see and purchase a selected number of artworks from the comfort of your own home. You will find the webshop here and it will be up and running from January 16! 

An edition is a series of identical artworks, often made in a limited edition where every work is numbered and signed by the artist. This way of working transcends artistic movements and is used by well-established high-end artists as well as rising stars. These conditions make editions not only the perfect type of artworks to kick off our brand-new webshop, but the alterability in techniques and materials used also lays the foundation for a dynamic group exhibition. Participating artists includes, but are not limited to:


Astrid Kruse-Jensen (1975) is one of Denmark's most established visual artists who works with innovative photographic techniques to create pictures that intertwine the concepts of memory, consciousness, reality and illusion.

James Rosenquist (1933 – 2017) was one of the most influential American artists within the Pop Art movement. Besides his pop cultural collages, Rosenquist also created vibrant and colourful abstract artworks.

Jim Dine (1935) is an American artist with an extensive career that includes artworks in a number of different medias and the works often reveals a characteristic interplay between actual and painted objects.

Linda Bäckström (1982) draws inspiration from social issues, such as the role of masculinity, as well as the concepts of innocence and danger when creating her alluring and eye-catching sculptures. 

Love Lundell (1981) works with techniques of collages and prints to create dreamlike, mystical and surreal pictures. The artworks vary from colourful to black and white, while remaining completely captivating.

Marjolein Rothman (1974) is an artist from The Netherlands whose minimalistic portraits and scenes of people in a spare and sober palette capture mood and feeling through posture or gesture.

Natalia Edenmont (1970) stages elaborate photographs resulting in both figurative and abstract masterpieces that explores themes of birth, death, womanhood, sex, beauty, and decay.

Peter Johansson (1964) explores Swedish culture, traditions and phenomena in a variety of expressions such as sculpture and installation that blurs the line between serious art and kitsch.

Robert Rauschenberg (1925 – 2008) was arguably one of the most important American artists of the 20th century who expanded the boundaries of what art can be through the combination of paintings and sculpture as well as the use of everyday objects.

Ylva Ceder (1976) creates beautifully detailed paintings of everyday environments and situations resulting in impressive artworks that radiates with warmth and light.