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Astrid Kruse Jensen

Birgitta Rubin's review in Dagens Nyheter, April 23, 2021 

In today's issue of the nation-wide newspaper Dagens Nyheter you will find a short review of Astrid Kruse Jensen's ongoing exhibition Floating, written by art critic Brigitta Rubin. 

"Anyone who especially appreciates artists with a strict design language and interest in light effects can walk on to Astrid Kruse Jensen's exhibition at the Wetterling gallery. /.../ The result is images where the motifs oscillate, in and out of focus, in a movement between foreground and background, light and shadow, dissolved and distinctly marked shapes. /.../ Kruse Jensen is at her best in his stripped-down room views, where a distorted female figure is glimpsed in some. My favorites are the empty rooms, where only the light plays and the moods flow around like ghosts."

Birgitta Rubin, 2021