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Dina Isæus-Berlin

Dina Isæus-Berlin, The Second Now First & The Second Now Again, 2021


Smålandsgatan 7

Right now at Konstnärshuset in central Stockholm, the MFA students from Konstfack are showing a group presentation. It's a part of their degree exhibition, before going into the artworld outside of the art school. One of the participating artists is our own Dina Isæus-Berlin, displaying two paintings; The Second Now First and The Second Now Again. We urge you to visit the exhibition, as it's only up for a limited amount of time (until May 23, 2021). Book your time slot here. In conjuction to the exhibition, art journalist Leif Mattsson from has written a review with some lovely words about Isæus-Berlin's paintings. 

"Dina Isæus-Berlin's painting development is very interesting. I reviewed her exhibition at Wetterling Gallery 2019 and was then impressed by her mature design language. In the two works at this year's master exhibition, she takes the step further with developed rhythm and color forms. She places herself between spontaneous automatism and the consciously performed. The two works convey a desire for painting as a language and for playful creation."