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Ylva Ceder

Ylva Ceder 
Ängder, 2019

Market Art Fair
Liljevalchs Konsthall
Djurgårdsvägen 60, Stockholm

Wetterling Gallery is proud to present a new series of work by the Swedish painter Ylva Ceder. Landscapes devastated by forest fire is on view on the five large panels (2 x 2 meters) that will be presented at Market Art Fair. The paintings transfer you to a landscape where you can almost feel the heat rising from the ground and the smell of the charred trees. The brutal force of the fire has passed and it’s calm and still. The earth is preparing to give new life.

Ylva Ceder paints on birch panels. I her earlier work the wood has played an inferior role to the oil paint. The structure of the wood has just vaguely been seen through the thin layers of paint. In this new series Ceder has chosen another way to work. The qualities of the wood have been the starting point of an intuitive process. She has replaced the brush with a gas torch burner, creating landscape with fire itself.