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Market Art Fair, 2021


Liljevalchs Konsthall 
Djurgårdsvägen 60
115 21 Stockholm 

Love Lundell’s collaged painting unfold in their own world. Dreamlike, mystical, and surreal, yet also anchored in the everyday. His evocative scenes draw the viewer in and hold them back simultaneously. Employing a collage technique, Lundell created his intriguing wonderlands by sampling images from various sources and recontextualizing them to suggest a hallucinatory inner reality. He draws on his childhood memories, dreams, books, and internet for inspiration.

At Market Art Fair, Wetterling Gallery will present a new series of work in a large-scale format. The series explores what it is like to be in a state of transition, orbiting through realities and discovering different dimensions, both mentally and physically. By working with new techniques and extensive format, Lundell reaches new hights within these landscapes that are filled with rich details and scenes within the larger context.