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Souvenir is Peter Johansson’s second solo exhibition at Wetterling Gallery.
His artistic career encompasses a forty-year journey of discovering Swedish culture. Through sculpture and installation, Johansson has carefully dissected Swedish phenomena - such as painted wooden horses from Dalarna, falukorv, folk dancing, or red log cabins - amongst many others. Growing up in Dalarna in the 60s and 70s, his practice addresses the experiences of his early life, often portrayed with a tragicomic tone. In Souvenir, Johansson surveys several of his most well-known and celebrated pieces, displaying a personal tribute to his various endeavours.

Souvenir was conceived as a multi-location exhibition. Previously shown at Galleri Hammarén (Gothenburg), Olseröds Konsthall (Kristianstad), Galerie Leger (Malmö). After the presentation at Wetterling Gallery (Stockholm), it will travel to Galleri Svarta Gran (Borlänge).

Peter Johansson was born in Sälen, Sweden, in 1964. He graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Notable exhibitions include Borås Konstmuseum, Zorn Museum in Mora, Kulturhuset Stockholm, in addition to international venues. Peter Johansson lives and works between Copenhagen, Malmö, Sunne and Ugglarp.

About the publication - Souvenir

An eponymous publication was conceived by the artist to accompany this exhibition. It features nearly fifty well-known personalities within the cultural and political spheres in Sweden - each photograohed presenting one of Johansson’s artworks, dated between the 80s and the present day. A beautifully articulated text by the journalist and author Ulrika Knutson ponders on the meanings of the term souvenir. (Credits: Photography by Pontus Johansson, Matti Östling, Claes Hall, Producer Peter Johansson).

A second book signing will be held at Konst-ig bookshop on Saturday, 7 October, 12 - 1pm.