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Art Brussels, 2019

Installation view on our booth at Art Brussels 2019

Art Brussels
Tours & Taxis 
Avenue du Port 86C, Brussels

Wetterling Gallery is happy to present new works by three female artists for Art Brussels 2019; Shana Lutker, Marjolein Rothman and Nathalia Edenmont. Spanning a range of diverse media (painting, sculpture, and photography), this presentation accentuates each of the artist’s relation to art history and historical events.


Edenmont’s work is underpinned by a tension between painting and photography, abstraction and figuration, attraction and repulsion. Edenmont has used natural materials such as beetles, flowers and vegetables, presenting them in masse as lavish sculptural costumes for her models in a fusion of portraiture and still life genres. In these works the artist draws on her own experiences, art historical iconography and popular culture to create arresting, sumptuous images in which the theme of Vanitas is inherent.

Marjolein Rothman’s powerfully suggestive works are an inquiry into the nature of perception. Her paintings on aluminium, based on photos, comprise a series of rapid brushstrokes that are repeatedly wiped away and redone in her search for the image’s essence. Painting flowers made Rothman look at the vocabularies of 17th century Dutch and Flemish still life paintings. Rothman refers to these works in their composition and the way the colours radiate from the background.

Shana Lutker’s multidisciplinary practice focuses on the intersection between history and dream, memory and the subconscious. Psychoanalysis and the Surrealist movement in particular have provided rich territory for her conceptual investigations across sculpture, text and performance. Lutker’s “urns” grow from a passage in Madame Rachilde’s controversial novel of 1900, The Juggler in which the amphora attains an elevated status.