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Fredrik Nielsen

Fredrik Nielsen

MJ's Hotel
Isak Slaktaregatan 9, Malmö

Fridays 14.00-17.00
Saturdays and Sundays 13.00-16.00
And by appointment

In collaboration with MJ’s Hotel and Wetterling Gallery.

Fredrik Nielsen (b. 1977) is a radically avant-garde glass artist working within the predominantly traditional world of glass. With over 20 years of experience, he knows the pitch. He has learnt the strict rules of glass – but chooses to break them. Nielsen’s work is equal parts sweat, attitude, and ideology. 

The exhibition title refers to Fredrik’s late paternal grandmother, Esther, who lived at Rödkullastigen 3A in Malmö, as well as his distinct memory of how Esther used to answer her ringing Cobra telephone by stating her phone number 925208. The artist adds: ”It’s about heritage, life and how it affects us.