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The exhibition The Word's End starts off in the world of fairytales. You enter the exhibition through an installation in the shape of a candy store. Bright colors, candy sculptures, lollipops and chocolate. A narrow door leads to a room where well know figures from different stories are hidden: the hair of Rapunzel, Bagheera and the spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty. But here the fairytale figures are transformed and has turned into something new. They are soft, wild, in bright colors, and deformed. The good has become evil and the evil has become good.


The Lost Predator
Maria Lönn

The idea of nature’s unbridled essence is a fundamental narrative for what it means to be a human being. Like a mirror, nature stands for all that lacks control contrasting with humans who represent whatever is controlled. In the wildness of nature dwells all that we have abandoned, everything that is dirty, uncontrolled, animalistic. As early as the 16th century philosopher and statesman Francis Bacon insisted that nature had to be “bound into service” and “made a slave”.