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Love Lundell, photo Jean Baptiste Béranger 

Love Lundell’s collaged paintings, drawings and prints unfold in their own world. Dreamlike, mystical and surreal, yet also anchored in the everyday, his evocative scenes draw the viewer in and hold them back simultaneously. Employing a collage technique, Lundell creates his intriguing wonderlands by sampling images from various sources and recontextualising them to suggest a hallucinatory inner reality. He draws on his childhood memories, dreams, books and the internet for inspiration. Where his early works were densely packed with detail, calling to mind a curio shop, his recent Delta series comprises more pared down, atmospheric compositions imbued with intense colours. The starting point for this shift was a residency in Bad Gastein, Austria, where a breathtaking waterfall in the village opened the way for an engagement with the sublime and with the tradition of Romantic landscape painting. Abounding in symbolism, these Delta works present watery landscapes inhabited by exotic animals and semi-nude figures, offering fragments of narrative to prompt rich flights of imagination.

Lundell was born in Stockholm in 1981 and attended Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norway. Recent exhibitions include Värmlands museum, Karlstad, Göteborgs Konstförening, Gothenburg and Teckningmuseet I Laholm, Laholm. In 2016 he did a residency at Sommer Frische Kunst in Bad Gastein, Austria. Lundell is represented in collections by the Public Art Agency Sweden, The Stockholm County Council, Nordea’s Art Association, and Katrineholm Municipality. He lives and works in Stockholm.

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